When the Italians get nervous of British style and engineering… Introducing the McLaren 720S 2018

This supercar turns heads, corners and opinions of speed connoisseurs all over the globe. It’s the all-new 720s, McLaren’s replacement for the 750s.

Fully loaded with up to $180000 worth of options available, this McLaren has virtually answered every enthusiast’s ‘wish list’. Power options 370-537hp, this is one of the fastest machines currently available in Australia.

Engine off…

Engine on….it’s ALIVE!!!

The engine glows like lava when the supercar is turned on…

The Twin Turbo V8 is loaded with F1 technology, getting the vehicle from 1-100kmph in a quick 2.9 seconds. The 720s offers various driving settings. You can choose and customize variations whilst driving, from the comfortable ‘Default’ setting through to ‘Sport’ and finally ‘Track’ settings – all at the push of a button.

Luxurious interior 720s 2018

There is no doubt about it, this is an exceptionally styled car. I’m quite sure that the Italian car competitors who are known for their elegance and style, are at least, slightly nervous. Both the interior and exterior display design excellence…with usable functionality! There are more windows on this model also, which is always helpful.

When English styling and engineering makes the Italians nervous…