Sevenesque Roadster – Caterham 7

WINGUARD had this incredible 7 in for custom wrapping on the nose, side body and rear guards. Watching our installers template and wrap this roadster gave me an opportunity to research what’s so special about this car. There are tons of reviews and videos available online that feature the Caterham, and for good reason. It is an absolutely thrilling and pure driving experience.

The vehicle arrived here as the paintwork had just been re-finished on the nose and guards, (which was the optimal time to preserve the paintwork with PPF as it was perfectly finished). Headlights were also wrapped, they are a
‘leading edge’, and the PPF will now prevent them from chipping and oxidizing.

The Sevenesque is particularly thrilling as driving it places you retrospectively on a 1960’s racetrack, close to the road, close to the exhaust, and with a whopping 516 up to 975 bhp per ton depending on model variation. This is achieved as most models weigh around the 510 kg mark.