Thinking about buying a new car or just about to take delivery of your new dream car? In addition to Paint Protection Film expertise, WINGUARD has the most up-to-date sealant products and knowledge to preserve you car so it looks new for many years to come. WINGUARD will let you know exactly what to expect from each and every product we apply for you.


Treating a brand new car is the optimum time for you to consider and apply protective products, as all surfaces are in their best and clean condition. (This will prevent the cost of any pre-detailing corrective polishing before sealants are applied). Both the exterior and interior of your vehicle can be treated to prevent UV and chemical damage, whilst optimizing the surfaces resistance to discoloration and soiling.

Exterior Solutions

WINGUARD has a solution for your entire vehicle. We are equipped to provide a “one-stop-shop” in treating your vehicle. Our staff are XPEL and GTECHNIQ accredited technicians and only use professional grade products for the best protection money can buy – at competitive price you’ll love! Talk to us before buying your new vehicle to get to know how we can help!


Exterior treatments address your paintwork and PPF, but we can also treat exterior trims as well! This way they won’t fade and look old, brittle or patchy. We even have solutions for those ridiculously expensive rims that constantly get covered in searing brake-dust.

Interior Solutions

WINGUARD can help you determine which products will provide the best interior protection for your car. All of your interior can be treated with products specifically designed for particular surfaces. From treating your dashboard to leather interiors or material seats – we’ve got you covered.