Like other vehicle wraps, a car wrap is a large vinyl graphic or decal. It is applied directly (to all or some of) the painted surfaces of your vehicle. It can change the color and entire look of your vehicles quickly, making way for vibrant, unique, and noticeable branding. The finish can either be gloss or matte. It is 100% removable providing a powerful opportunity for leased or owned cars. Get a wild and completely custom new look while preserving your factory paint at the same time. You get all of the color PLUS the hot chromatic or matte look that only wraps can bring.

Personal Vehicle Wraps

Our unique vehicle graphics are created for each individual customer, so you won’t ever have to worry about another car on the road having the exact same wrap as yours if you want to make your car more reflective of your personality without changing the paint. It’s simpler to produce the one-of-a-kind graphics you’ve always wanted because to the fact that vehicle graphics film may be generated utilizing any colors, images, patterns, or messaging you can think of. For all types of automobiles, as well as in chrome, matte, and color-changing film finishes, personal vinyl car wraps are available.


WINGUARD is proudly a certified film installer and is committed to the highest levels of finishing. Consequently, if any vinyl is defective, we are happy to replace that panel at no cost for up to 1 year. Any damage that may be incurred by a collision can be rectified, however the vehicle owner or their insurers will have to cover those replacement costs. We cannot warrant wraps on small curved channels/recess’, wraps on plastic, silicon, rubber areas or on chrome as the vinyl material is designed for paintwork. If the vehicle has had an aftermarket respray, we need to have direct contact with the re-finisher to determine if the vinyl wrap can be warranted. We take immense pride in our vinyl installations, and we are happy to discuss your solutions, options and listen to you so we can provide the right solutions ans service you deserve.