GODZILLA – Okinawan Icon GT-R R34 V-Spec Nissan Skyline Custom Wrapped

This recently imported Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 V-Spec is one of the best surviving examples to date. The owner searched to have the most durable paintwork preservation available for this rarity and sought the WINGUARD crew to custom wrap the full exterior in PPF. This is a world first PPF wrap on a R34 and after weeks of preparation and meticulous design, it oozes even more exclusivity, and here it is…

Rear quarter guard/pillar/cant rail hand templating…it took several weeks to make designs for the full vehicle.

Side template complete, PPF is then precisely pre-cut and applied by our world-class experts.

This car was designed to win races with a super-car beating performance. The RB26 Twin Turbo power can be considered as Japanese (or more accurately Okinawan) ‘muscle’. The term ‘Godzilla’ was coined in Australia by an Australian journalist in the early 90’s because this monster thrashed all the previous winners of the Australian Touring Car Championship (1990) and the Bathurst Classic (1991 and 1992).

The market for these models has recently opened right up now that the US market has access to these weapons. Popular culture has since made this marque very famous having been featured in movies, TV series and of course the PlayStation “Grand Turismo” inclusion.

Consequently, this recently imported model is one of the fastest appreciating to date. The best part about having this unmolested import wrapped/preserved in PPF, is that it can be truly opened up and heard from afar without fear of paintwork damage. All this peace of mind whilst driving one of the most memorable cars ever designed in Japan.

Most often, default templates address lettering like this by removing the PPF that traces the lines. However, our installers managed to custom-design this panel without ‘relief lettering’ and actually wrapped the inner details of “SKYLINE’ IN ONE PIECE of PPF. Difficulty rating is literally off the charts! Attention to detail level 100 achieved.

The spoiler was applied with a SINGLE piece of PPF, a credit to the level of skill in templating/design.