Gloss paint to Satin Matte (Paint Protection Film Conversion). 2020 Mercedes AMG CLA45S. High performance wrap by WINGUARD.

WINGUARD’s latest gloss to satin matte wrap conversion on a brand new high performance 2020 CLA45S.

XPEL Paint Protection Film can provide protection on par with this wicked little Mercedes performance. Sadly for our client, this model was unable to be supplied in a matte finish. Enter the WINGUARD team. We combined XPEL Stealth Paint Protection Film with our in-house customised patterns to give a perfect fit frozen/magno look. Reliability, stability and absolute peace of mind is what all our client’s are asking for, and this is why we only use the best in Paint Protection Film.

Exterior trims were safely removed as well as various other panels to achieve the most seamless conversion possible. All paintwork was also prepared pre-wrappping, to ensure the most seamless application possible.

Other trims were wrapped in gloss for a very punchy contrast, noticeable in the bumpers and rocker sills.

Ratinder Kumar, our head installer, thought if we used clear satin-matte carbon fibre Paint Protection Film on the wing mirrors, it would accentuate the already sleek AMG design..what do you think?

The car was received and the response from the owner was brilliant. We really loved this transformation. It makes all our time and effort so worthwhile.