Paint Protection Film is such a simple solution to protect your Ram Trucks from everyday damage. This film works diligently at protecting the most susceptible panels on your car, with its self-healing property and tremendous resistance against all elements, you can be sure that Paint Protection Films keep your paintwork safe while saving you time and money as opposed to repainting it again.


Protection from everyday damage and wear. PPF will keep your car’s paint intact for much longer than it would be otherwise. It keeps the top-layer of paint protected from small scratches in the road, airborne debris, abrasive detergent particles and extreme weather conditions.


XPEL PPF protectants are extensively researched products that will protect your RAM truck’s paintwork from the detrimental effects of constant exposure to environmental forces.
By forming an invisible barrier between the paintwork and the elements, XPEL PPF Ceramic Paint Protection protects your vehicle’s paintwork against the harsh effects and damage caused by acid rain, sea salt, bird droppings, tree sap and reduces the effect of UV rays.