S Duct F1 inspired nose and splitter track proofed

“3 – 2 – 1” … that’s how long it takes for the 2019 Ferrari PISTA to accelerate from 1 – 100kmph. It’s the fastest, most aerodynamic 488 made to date, building on the very best of the previous Speciale and GTB models. To put it in perspective, it’s quicker than the McLaren F1. Ferrari engineers have excelled in designing a seamless 3.9 V8 Twin Turbo engine with significantly better braking power and have succeeded in adding a whopping 20% more down-force.

The most comprehensive method to preserve the Rosso Scuderia paintwork is to wrap it expertly in Paint Protection Film (PPF). WINGUARD is continuously testing and evaluating PPF’s to find the best PPF available. We look for clarity in the PPF, advancements in technology, stability and durability, longevity and precision in template design. This track weapon was completely wrapped in XPEL Ultimate Plus PPF.

Roof wrapped – this edge is an important leading surface.

Air intake Carbon Fibre trims wrapped


What does this mean for this 710bhp Stallion? Leading edges and other areas like the Rocker Sills will absolutely see flying debris off a track at 340kmph. The Paint Protection Film will minimize and help prevent damage to its paintwork which is its primary function. Additional features like the ‘self healing’ top layer, and inbuilt hydrophobic properties will enhance the ease of care. Minor abrasion will not be an issue when showing off this PISTA in car shows, so the owner will never have to worry.

Wrapping Rear Diffuser

Safely removing wheels to wrap into edges

PISTA track ready..