What would it look like once pebbles, road debris, bugs, bird droppings, tree sap, UV rays, acid rain, sand, salt, and a number of other environmental contaminants get a chance to damage your BMW’s paint in a year or five years? That can be fixed with BMW paint repair, and your BMW can be protected with PPF and ceramic coating.


Our main priority has been the meticulous and cautious preservation of our clients’ automobiles for many years. As a result, we have established a highly regarded reputation as one of the best and most reliable installers of paint protection for BMWs.


At WINGUARD Paint Protection Specialist, we only use paint protection products in which we have the utmost confidence. We use XPEL paint protection films for this purpose, with XPEL Stealth being admired for its subtle matt finish and XPEL Ultimate Plus being known for its exceptional shine.
We take a different tack in a time when every company is eager to highlight its accomplishments on its website. We extend an invitation for you to speak with us directly, potentially take a tour of our facility that was built specifically for you, and also to see firsthand the caliber of our work.
That way, you’ll perhaps have a better grasp of why our clients think so highly of us.


Your second option is a “Standard Kit with Full Hood Kit” pictured below. Some people prefer a seamless wrap on the bonnet/hood, and so they choose this Kit as a front end option. It is highly suggested that all vehicles that frequent highways consider this as an entry level kit to avoid stones bouncing up the bonnet and damaging the bonnet at higher speeds.


Standard Kit. Essential protection.


Protect your car with XPEL ULTIMATE PPF – Robust, self-healing featured paint protection film.


Standard Kit with Full Hood/Bonnet.


Full Hood Kit.


If your paintwork is very rare, matte or metallic, you will understand that ‘touch-up’s’ are virtually impossible, and whole panels will need to be resprayed in case of an incident. For this reason, full car wraps are also on offer for the ultimate peace-of-mind solution!


Full Car XPEL option.


Not in the XPEL DAP? No problem! WINGUARD OFFERS SA’s ONLY IN-HOUSE TEMPLATE DESIGN SERVICE. (Templating fees applicable @ $75ph)