2017 GT4 Cayman Clubsport – In the Pit-Lane @AdelaideMotorsportFestival

The insightful owner of this hot six-cylinder engine 3.8L GT4 Cayman Clubsport has a taste for speed and detail. The imported rocket was dropped off to WINGUARD for a full body XPEL Ultimate wrap (as it raced at the 2017 Adelaide Motorsport Festival). When it raced on the track, it was pure white… but the owner had further plans for this magnificent Porsche.

WINGUARD removed lights and trims (where appropriate) to produce the most seamless finish possible, so here you can see XPEL PPF edges drying to tack into recess’. At this point the GT4 is mostly wrapped… but it’s clear and unless you see it in person…it’s virtually invisible!

The rear view mirrors are notoriously difficult pieces to apply in the game, but a very important ‘leading edge’, particularly with those stones flinging all over the track. The full XPEL wrap was completed right on time of the AMF and the driver received a well-deserved placement.

The decal application process was part of the owner’s dream when we were introduced to this Cayman. SDS Racing Graphics out of the UK supplied the owner with a ‘Porsche Intelligent Performance’ race graphics kit. This famous birds-eye Porsche racing signature was complicated, yet satisfying, and took a few days to apply around our other racers. This decal kit was like playing a game of spaced Tetris, but the effort was worth it. Each and every new graphic applied to the car transformed it. The original understated white paintwork took on a whole new level of pedigree and muscle.

This is called a ‘dry fit’ and magnets were additionally used to discern where the decals needed to be precisely applied.  Please note that magnetically tacking these on panels was safe as they were already protected with XPEL Ultimate PPF. Applying decals in this manner without PPF risks small scratches and scuffs, but a care-free endeavour with PPF safely underneath!